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Our Programs

To ensure we are truly meeting each of our youths at the crucial parts of their lives, we have broken our programs down by five different respective categories. Each of the categories has a specific focus, which we will coordinate our events around.

Mission Learn

Increased performance in academics. Our goal for this program is to see increase in overall gpa and state testing.

Mission Lead

Focused on youth development and growth in leadership. We have a goal to see this program increase positive role models in schools and communities. 

Mission Fit

Focused on reducing obesity in youth and  improving health. We have a goal to see this program increase kids interest in sports and nutrition.

Mission Spark

Focused on giving students a voice and enabling them to provide positive light to their communities.

Mission Serve

Focused on volunteering and giving to the community. We have a goal to see this program expand into the Alief independent school district.