Give Forward: College to High School Mentor Program

Mentoring Program

It is sad to see so many low-income, first-generation, or just students in general struggle in high school because the school system does not have sufficient resources to focus on each student on an INDIVIDUAL level. The majority of these students suffer because they may not have mentors in their lives to help them on a regular basis during this crucial part of their life (Ex. applying to and attending college, overcoming common issues faced during high school). For these reasons, many teachers and parents across America are fearful that their children are not receiving the proper care and attention to ensure they are sufficiently prepared for college.

Well, we are in the process of launching a campaign to connect college students with high school students in their area in order to provide mentorship and coaching. Each college student can mentor no more than two high school students at a time and will engage with the high school students on a monthly basis. If possible, each college student is encouraged to mentor the high school student from 9th-12th grade, but, at a minimum, they will mentor the high school student for one year. Every $100 donated ensures that we have the resources to support the college students taking the high school students out to events, restaurants, or social functions and using these opportunities to provide mentorship.


Current Status of the High School Student Sponsorship 


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