Partner With Us for Our After School Program

Kids After School Program

In order to launch our new after school program, we need your help to raise the funds! Here’s what your donation means:

  • We are able to become licensed to provide child care in the state of Texas
  • The acquisition of a functional after school program facility for tutoring, physical activities, mentoring, counseling, and life coaching
  • A travel fund that supports bus rentals for student pick-up from neighboring schools
  • Another travel fund to allow visitation of different high school and college campuses to spark a goal setting mindset in each of these children
  • Youth life coach training for staff members to prepare them to transform our youth through our five main pillars: self-leadership, academics, fitness, health, and social skills

All kids need a place to TRANSFORM their abilities.

At Mission Transformation, each student will participate in tutoring specifically geared toward improving their problem-solving abilities. This enables them to develop a deeper level of thought and guides them towards being more sufficient in testing and completing classwork. At our core is the academic pillar, but we couple this tutoring program with activities related to life skills, fitness, health, and social skills to transform our youth from a holistic standpoint. We hope the youths will form strong relationships with each other, helping enhance their development, growth and self-confidence. Our programs intentionally integrate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) and HEPA (healthy eating, physical activities) activities to support our claim of transforming each kid from the inside out. Their will be formal interviews with students and parents at the place of residence or school to qualify each student.

After school program details:

  • Grades 6– 12
  • Monday-Friday on regular school days
  • During and after school mentoring
  • School release days
  • A safe place to learn, have fun, and get active

If you’re as excited as we are to reach more deserving students, please consider setting up a monthly donation for 2017 that will bring us closer to our $50,000 goal, and stay tuned for updates on our blog and through email.

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